It was fun while it lasted.

The New York Times Company writes…

As part of our portfolio of games, Wordle will have an exciting future with the help of a team of talented engineers, designers, editors and more, furthering the user experience.


Wordle was acquired for an undisclosed price in the low-seven figures.

No hate towards the creator for selling the game. They made a free game that millions of people play a day and love. It’s fair to get some money off of that. But NYT paid 7 figures for this game, and intend to “further the user experience.” Nevermind that half of the reason the game is so loved today is precisely because of how simple and “non-furthered” it is.

Another NYT article also includes the phrasing “the game [will] initially remain free to new and existing players.” Initially.

RIP Wordle. We barely knew ye.

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