Tom Phillips at Eurogamer writes…

Worms developer Team17 has announced it is getting into NFTs.


So, should 100,000 people buy one, the energy used to register these unique images would be “the average annual kettle usage of just 11 households”.


Eurogamer understands that several teams within Team17 had no knowledge of its controversial plans to launch a range of collectible Worms NFTs prior to the project's public announcement this morning.

Deeply weird to me to see companies still doing this, despite the constant negative feedback they’re getting. Each one of these articles seems to come along with employees being blindsided by the announcements. The devs don’t want this, the players don’t want this, and the entire concept of game NFTs is plagued with problems currently just being hand-waved. It’s literally just executive calls because they see crypto hype and they want in.

As a reminder, NFTs are not even that popular even if the crypto crowd is extremely loud about it:

only 400,000 wallets have ever interacted with an NFT, and far less actually own an NFT right now. The FOMO they're creating to try and scam you out of your money, and the talk about how everyone uses/is abt to use nfts is all an objective lie. It's all astroturfing.

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