Whatever language you're writing software in is probably fine. Whatever framework you're using to build your application is probably fine, too – or if you're home rolling everything, that's great. Learn something from it.

You're going to see a lot of stuff around the internet – especially in some of the fringes – about how you shouldn't be using language XYZ or that software is only good if you do it such and such a way. Turns out, you can do software however you like. My opinions, their opinions and everyone's opinions are just that – opinions. And I've heard a lot of opinions. One thing that has remained true throughout all those opinions hammering away: none of them were right. Okay, some of them were right about some things, and some were very wrong about some things... and some were extraordinarily short sighted, but none were a silver bullet.

So sure, if you see a hot take about how Rust is amazing and is the savior language, maybe try Rust and see. Next week you're going to see a post about how Rust is ruining everything, and everyone should be exclusively writing in C on a specific linux distro because reasons.

Oh and someone, of course, is going to make a bad faith or uninformed argument about why JavaScript is the harbinger of death.

It's going to be fine. Build your application in whatever language, framework and system you want. Whatever works for you. Just don't write it in an interpreted language. Or a compiled one. Or a C-like. Or a functional language. Or an object oriented language. Or on a computer – because that's considered harmful.