Nested Daily Note Folders in Obsidian

Hey there. I just figured this out and it took more searching than I had expected. So I hope this post helps you, future searcher.

If you use the Daily Notes or Periodic Notes plugins for Obsidian, and you hate that it creates all of the files in one giant folder, you can clean it up by telling Obsidian to create intelligently nested folders by year, month, date or whatever else you’d like.

If you open up the settings for the Daily Notes plugin (same for Periodic Notes, to my knowledge) you can set the file format. The default is YYYY-MM-DD, which creates a file that looks like What may be non-obvious is that you can create a whole file path here, not just the file name.

So for example, if you set the file format to YYYY/MM-MMMM/YYYY-MM-DD, it will create your daily note in a nested folder structure that includes the year and month:


Below is a screenshot of my Daily Notes config. The date format is partially cut off, but you can get the full format from earlier in this post.

Happy journaling!

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