Donating in response to absurd politics

CW: Unites States-centric politics & sexual assault topics | Views are my own and do not represent my employer, as with all posts.

With lawmakers in Georgia and Alabama on a roll recently, getting legislation passed with extreme hatred towards women's ability to have any sense of control over themselves, it's easy to feel powerless to help, especially under this current unrepresentative control of the federal government.

One thing to remember is that money talks. If you are able to do so – and please, only if you are comfortably able to – take care of yourself first in this “booming economy” – donate.

This morning I donated to Planned Parenthood in response to the absurd, backwards-thinking legislation passing in Alabama and Georgia which will punish those found guilty of false rape accusations with more time in jail on average than those found guilty of rape. 10 years for false allegations which happen so rarely [0] when the average rapist is sentenced to 9.8 years and gets out in 5.4 [1]. Given that we can't trust the justice system to handle police murders of unarmed civilians, and that rape/sexual assault is already so under-reported [2], it stands to reason that this legislation will do nothing but empower rapists.

Just to really drive home the point of hating the idea of women having any sense of agency, conservative lawmakers are also pushing for strict abortion laws, so when you do get raped, you gotta have that baby.

Donating to groups that can help alleviate this backwards situation is valuable. Donating to political campaigns at all levels of government that run on defending the rights of people in this country is valuable. In an age where we have climate change deniers, regressive bible thumpers and serial con-artists at the wheel, showing solidarity with the organizations they so quickly try to scare people away from is something anyone can do to defy this systemic injustice.

Planned Parenthood is one option. Find your local environmental societies and volunteer with them. Help get more women in office by donating to She Should Run. Find out who is running for local elections, or who is running for congress in your district, or districts that may impact you. I donated to the wonderful Mckayla Wilkes who, while not running in my district, is running for the district across the street from me. On that topic, maybe also donate to a group that fights gerrymandering.

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