It snowed a lot yesterday. Maybe 6 or 8 inches of accumulation over the course of just a few hours. Then it was sleeting. Then it rained. This weekend we will see temperatures in the 60's (fahrenheit, luckily, we're not going to die).

Over the past year, my life has changed tremendously. My partner and I got married and moved into a house (in reverse order). My dream of having my own wood shop came true from the house purchase. I made huge decisions about the direction of my biggest game project ever, basically jettisoning the years of planned plot and world building in favor of something simpler and more focused. I've come to learn a lot about myself, my interests and what I really care about.

The snow is melting more quickly than I've ever seen. I can see the ground beneath the snow, not even 12 hours after the snow stopped accumulating. A backyard basement window well flooded with melted snow water.

I became an uncle this morning. My only brother and my sister-in-law had a son. I'm so incredibly happy for them, and I'm trying to navigate the idea of how I will be a part of this kid's life.

We're expecting a lot of rain this weekend. I'll have to keep an eye on that window well.

As I mentioned in a recent post about taking back what's mine, I have continued to disconnect myself from massive services, and lean less on possibly ephemeral product offerings. It has made me think far more critically about the services I use. For all I know,, the platform I'm writing on now, will not exist in a couple of years. I certainly hope not. It's a nice service.

It's going to be windy overnight on Sunday into Monday. I'll have to clear out fallen branches.

I think I'm a happier person now. Although I can find it difficult to maintain interest in some hobbies, I've found that feeling to be driven by a strange sense of commitment. My game project, for example. I had made a huge commitment in my head. Something I could never complete. It became daunting. I made what seemed like a hard choice: rethinking the concept. In reality, I am the only one holding myself to any requirements. The mental block was entirely my own, and my own to break. As always, giving myself a break feels tremendous.

Spring time is on it's way, and I can't wait to have my windows open, and let a fresh breeze roll in.